Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Angel Snowman Silver Spoon Ornament

I love my hand-painted Angel Snowman Silver Spoon ornament!  

I bought mine from the very talented Laurie's Charming Designs.

I posted previously about this stunning ornament (here).


I actually bought four different spoons...keeping one for myself and giving one to each of my three sister-in-laws for Christmas one year.  I must confess I wanted to keep all of them they were so beautiful.  But I also wanted to give one to each of my wonderful sister-in-laws.

The Angel Snowman is sitting in a Waterford crystal sugar bowl...this sugar bowl and it's matching creamer was an anniversary gift from my employer one year.   

On each fifth year anniversary my employer would let its employees select a nice gift for their service to the company.   This particular anniversary I picked out the sugar and creamer Waterford crystal set. 

My adorable Angel Snowman has a special place in my china cabinet so I can look at it all year long.     

Do you have a special ornament that you treasure?


Carrie said...

Yes, I do treasure my nativity ornaments. As a collector of nativity scenes, I have a tree dedicated to ornaments depicting the birth of our Saviour. I also have silverplate spoons with a nativity theme. One of them was painted by an artist as your spoon was. See them at the following link:

Thanks for sharing your special spoon,

ASSA said...

Lowely ornament ♥

I write about my special christmas ornament i this post. (follow link : http://nissasjul.blogspot.com/2011/10/sundays-with-santa-week-4.html