Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Blue Christmas

Source:  Pinterest

I love blue cabinets!  

Isn't this room just beautiful decorated with this lovely Christmas wreath?

I've been Christmas cards have been mailed and our outside lights are strung up. 

But I haven't started my interior decorating yet.  

I haven't slept well the last three nights and I just had no energy today to decorate at all.

So I decided to surf Pinterest for inspiration instead.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be more motivated.  


CraveCute said...

So pretty, I have never used blue in my Christmas decor. On my main floor I use cranberry red and more traditional decor. In my basement I use more retro red and green fun and vintage things. Love all the options these days for all the fun colors.

Dorothy said...

Very pretty. A very clean look. Hope you are sleeping better these days. Have a great weekend!

Deb Williamson said...

I read your article. Very nice!