Friday, August 26, 2011

Santa Collections

"They" (i.e., the decorators) say you should group your collections to make a grand statement.   

I tend to agree with them. 

The wreath, plaid buckets and the various vintage Santas grouped here make a fantastic display of this collection.

The same can be said for this collection of vintage Santa mugs in different shapes and sizes. 

 It hits the jackpot for visual impact.

Christmas 2009 at Sandy Snowflake

Here's my attempt to make a visual statement.  Ha!

Not as grand as the others I admit.

But I try...for Christmas 2009 I displayed some of my Santas on and around our family room fireplace.  

Do you have any Christmas collections you like to display?

1 comment:

Dorothy said...

I love your fireplace and it looks very nicely decorated! I always wished I had a fireplace to decorate at Christmas. My brother has one and he does a very good job at decorating it. I have a Jim Shore collection that I group together and a collection of Rudolph characters I just love, that movie was my favorite as a child. Who am I kidding, I still watch it as an adult! I have the DVD! I follow another blog, Assa of She collects Santa's and gnomes and has over 2,000 collectibles! Now you would have to start putting those out real early!! Love the grouping at the top of the page.