Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wreath Snowman

I'm tempted to try making this adorable

Wreath Snowman 

this Christmas.  

I think it is so cute.  

Our home is set back from the road quite a bit so something this large will be seen better.  

I have a heavy paper door liner in red that I save from year to year and the green wreath snowman should really POP off that background.   You could also make the snowman out of white or red wreaths.  I can crochet a colorful scarf for it too. 

Karen from "Sew Many Ways" blog is the creator of this fantastic idea and she has a tutorial (here) on how to make her snowman.  She uses green plastic tie tags to tie together the wreaths.  Ever since my Hubby showed me tie tags several years ago I use them all the time.

Thanks Karen for sharing your fantastic decoration!

I love Snowmen!

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