Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Christmas Dishes Through Glass Doors

We returned to IKEA and bought another glass door for the Christmas dishes cabinets. 

My sweet Hubby attached the glass doors to our two Billy bookcase units.

Now it looks more like a cabinet than a bookcase.

And the doors should eliminate any need to dust which I like!

I found a Christmas turkey platter that I forgot I had.  It's too large to go into one of the shelves but fit perfectly on top of the two units.

I rearranged some of the items to balance out the large platter on top.

I love having my Christmas dishes out on display all year (posted previously here).

Do you display your Christmas dishes?  


Dorothy said...

This looks very pretty!

Sandy said...

That sure turned out nice, Sandy...& I too am not into dusting all that much! :o) If our home was bigger, I would love to leave a decorated Christmas tree up year round!

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

I am so glad to come across your blog! I love Christmas and it is right up my alley! I am your newest follower!
Have a good night.

MaryE said...

I have these Pfaltzgraff Christmas dishes, nice that you can display your Christmas dishes all year. Thanks for sharing the Christmas spirit with us!