Saturday, March 31, 2012

Vintage Christmas Candles

Wait until you see the vintage Christmas candles we inherited from my in-laws.

They are just beautiful.

One of a kind...

I don't remember my in-laws ever putting these out at Christmas.

But I love to set them out on display!


Dorothy said...

What a treasure! I've never seen anything like these. It's so special to have something very unusual that most likely no one else has! I see it's bayberry scent on the box, but like you, I would NEVER burn them. :)

Astri said...

These are total awesomeness!!!

MaryE said...

Sandy, I found your blog by googling Christmas dishes, and saw your post with Pfaltzgraff Christmas tree dishes--the same pattern I have! I would love you to join us at magical holiday home. Every 25th day of the month we post something about celebrating "Rudolph Day." The theme for this month is "Christmas dishes." I already have my post in draft...come join us! Mary in Richmond Virginia

Sandy said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for the sweet comments and for visiting my Christmas blog! I'm always surprised when I have visitors there that leave comments. I, too, love my Pfalzgraff Christmas Heritage dishes collected over the years as gifts from family. I was thrilled to finally "get" a cabinet to display them all the time (instead of stored away in cupboards out of sight). I just visited "Magical Holiday Home" - glad you told me about this blog because I hadn't known of it. I've bookmarked it going forward. We're getting closer to Christmas!!!