Friday, September 30, 2011

Christmas Tree Skirt

It doesn't have red in it but I still like this Christmas tree skirt in cream and green!

It would be fun to make one and, of course, I'm thinking in red and white.  

Sorry, I can't help it.

I wonder if I could crochet one in ruffles?  

Now that's a thought. 

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Celestial Charms said...

Hi Sandy,
Yes, such a pretty tree skirt. I would like it in red too!

Dorothy said...

It's very pretty. Love all of the ruffles!

Carrie said...

This design is scrumptuous...the ruffles edges in small glitter pearls adds just the right touch. I also like the two toned effect with the cream and a solid color. I might want a little darker green, though.

Mandie said...

I really like this tree skirt! Very pretty and a great idea :-) I hope this posts (fingers crossed)

Joy Burkhart said...

Hi Sandy,
Love all the ruffles! I, too, would prefer red, or maybe a hunter green instead of this lighter hue. I bet you could crochet one - no problem! Stop by my Christmas blog sometime.