Thursday, September 15, 2011

Miniature Glass Ornaments

Vintage glass bulbs are all the rage now.  

This set is lovely.

On our way to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, while traveling on the Lincoln Highway, we pass through a tiny Pennsylvania town called New Oxford.  And in New Oxford is a wonderful gift shop called "The Christmas Haus".  They sell authentic German traditions...ornaments, nutcrackers, smokers, candle arches, nativities, pyramids and it's a Steiff Toy Club Store too.  

One year I bought a beautiful miniature glass ornament set for my niece as a bridal gift.  I loved it so much I returned and bought one for myself.   Take a close look at the miniature glass ornaments... their tops for hanging are star shaped!  How cute is that!

A little information about the gifted artisans...

In 1597 in Lauscha, Germany, two families, including the Müller family, began to create mouth blown glassware for household use. Two and one-half centuries later, in the 1860s, the Müller-Blech family customized their craft to create mouth blown, hand painted Christmas ornaments.

Today, their ornaments come from Inge Glas, the 14th generation of the Müller-Blech family now in Neustadt by Coburg, and from Hausdörfer Glas Manufaktur, the 5th generation of the Hausdörfer family in Haselbach, the small village "over the mountain" from Lauscha.

According to an old German tradition, the tree of a newlywed couple should include these 12 ornaments to insure blessings and happiness for their life together.

The meaning of each mouth blown and hand painted ornament is detailed on the decorative heirloom quality wooden gift box -making these make a wonderful gift for a newlywed couple or as a wedding shower present.Each Bridal Collection includes ...

A Pine Cone for motherhood and fruitfulness
An Angel for God's guidance in the home
A Santa for unselfishness and goodwill
A House for shelter and protection
A Flower Basket for good wishes
A Rose for beauty and affection
A Fruit Basket for generosity
A Rabbit for hope and faith
A Bird for happiness and joy
A Fish for Christ's blessing
A Heart for true love
A Teapot for hospitality

A heart and fruit basket

A bird and a pine cone

Angel and Rose

Santa and Flower Basket

A teapot and house

A fish and rabbit

The Complete Miniature Set

"The Christmas Haus" has a website (here) you can visit too.

Have fun checking out all of their goodies.

Gee, it's been awhile since we visited maybe I should suggest a trip to Gettysburg to my Hubby....oh, and of course we just have to stop at "The Christmas Haus"!

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Natasha in Oz said...

I just love these gorgeous vintage decorations. The colours are so beautiful and you can tell they have been made with love and care.

They are so hard to find over here in Australia!

Best wishes,

Celestial Charms said...

Oh my goodness, Sandy, I loved this post. What a wonderful tradition regarding the ornaments, that I never knew. Yes, you must go back there soon! :)