Friday, September 30, 2011

Christmas Tree Skirt

It doesn't have red in it but I still like this Christmas tree skirt in cream and green!

It would be fun to make one and, of course, I'm thinking in red and white.  

Sorry, I can't help it.

I wonder if I could crochet one in ruffles?  

Now that's a thought. 

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

An Ornamental Bulb Swag

This Christmas decor is interesting and very colorful...similar to the ornament bulb wreaths we've seen but this time the bulbs are attached with ribbon into a garland swag.

It might take a huge volume of bulbs though...but if done on a small scale like this window...I think it is beautiful.

What do you think?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vintage Christmas Tree

We never had one of these silver aluminum Christmas trees.  

My Dad always would get a real, live evergreen tree for our living room.

I loved the smell of a live tree.

I remember one of my Aunts had an aluminum silver tree with rotating lights in different colors shining on it.

This vintage one is pretty with the red ornaments.

Did you ever have one of these?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Red & White Yummies!

Every Christmas I bake sugar cookies with frosting for the family continuing the tradition of my sweet Mother-In-Law.  My MIL was amazing.  She loved to cook and bake.  I remember praising her one Christmas just gushing about all the different delicious cookies she had made (over 13 different kinds) to which she replied that wasn't very many as she use to make twice the amount.  Unbelievable!

I'm lucky to make two kinds each Christmas.  I love her Sugar Cookies recipe which was her Mom's.  My brother-in-law complimented me a few Christmas ago by saying mine were as good as his Mom's.  That's the highest praise!  

Read about my Sugar Cookies (here) and (here).  

Candy Cane festive!  

Something new...I would like to try making these for Christmas or even Valentine's.

How about you?

Do you have favorite Christmas traditions?  

Monday, September 26, 2011

Peppermint Chocolate Coffee & Yes, I Love The Mugs Too!

I love chocolate and coffee together...

And peppermint tops it all off.

Put it in lovely vintage green mugs... 

What a presentation!

Can I have some???   

Pretty please....

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sundays with Santa!

Isn't this Santa Claus spoon just the cutest Christmas ornament???

I love this vintage Santa Claus lighted statue.  It belonged to my Mom & Dad.  

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vintage Christmas Truck

Every Christmas I have wanted to put a wreath on our car...but never seem to get around to it with everything else that has to be done.

Maybe one of these Christmases I can decorate at least one of our vehicles!

Do you decorate your vehicle?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Vintage Bulbs

Isn't this pretty!

Several years ago I placed my vintage bulbs on my fireplace mantel very similar to this arrangement.

My fireplace mantel 2006

However, I stopped putting them on the mantel when I accidentally dropped and broke one. 

My Vintage Bulbs

Now I just hang them on the Christmas trees.  

It's safer that way for me.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Theirs and Mine...

Isn't this a lush green Christmas garland

It is beautiful! 

Mine makes mine that I made last Christmas

  ~ that I was sooo proud of

look...kind of... skimpy.

You can read about my Christmas garland on a shoestring budget (here).  

Mine Again

Oh, well, I can imagine how VERY expensive that lush green garland is and how INEXPENSIVE CHEAP mine is!

And that makes me feel GOOD!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Love Snowmen!

This Snowmen center piece makes me S.M.I.L.E!

This would be cute to make if you have baby bottles on hand.  

I guess any size glass jar would work now that I think about it!

And here is the most famous snowman of all time....Frosty!

Enjoy the music!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ice Skating Doll

This is just the most beautiful felt doll - all decked out in red and ready to go ice skating!

If you have never visited Creative Breathing's blog you must go there to see all of Elizabeth's fantastic designs.  

I am amazed at the detail in Elizabeth's hand made felt creations and her delightful creative writing about her life.   

Elizabeth is so generous too... sharing her felt patterns with us.  

One of these days I hope to try to make one. 

And there are more REDs to enjoy with our host, Sue, at 

It's A Very Cherry World

for REDnesday!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Chocolate Dipped Candy Canes

I love hot chocolate!  

And especially at Christmas time.  

I'm going to make some of these chocolate dipped candy canes just for me and my Hubby this Christmas. 

They would make a cute gift sitting in a Christmas mug with a hot chocolate mix.  

These would also be cute stocking stuffers just by themselves too.   

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Snowmen Candy Wrappers

These Snowmen Candy Wrappers are cute stocking stuffers!  

I like to bring a small gift to our Christmas BUNCO for the gals. 

These would be perfect. 

It would be fun embellishing the wrappers with pretty ribbons, buttons, bells and fabric.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mirror and Hanging Garland

This is a beautiful way to hang your special ornaments.  

What do you think of the red walls?  

I like them although I doubt I would ever paint mine red.

I tend to go with light shades on my walls.

You can see the fireplace reflected in the mirror...I guess the mirror is over a table rather than the fireplace.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cute Snowman Cookie

I make frosted sugar cookies every Christmas.  

I'm going to have to decorate some like adorable.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Miniature Glass Ornaments

Vintage glass bulbs are all the rage now.  

This set is lovely.

On our way to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, while traveling on the Lincoln Highway, we pass through a tiny Pennsylvania town called New Oxford.  And in New Oxford is a wonderful gift shop called "The Christmas Haus".  They sell authentic German traditions...ornaments, nutcrackers, smokers, candle arches, nativities, pyramids and it's a Steiff Toy Club Store too.  

One year I bought a beautiful miniature glass ornament set for my niece as a bridal gift.  I loved it so much I returned and bought one for myself.   Take a close look at the miniature glass ornaments... their tops for hanging are star shaped!  How cute is that!

A little information about the gifted artisans...

In 1597 in Lauscha, Germany, two families, including the Müller family, began to create mouth blown glassware for household use. Two and one-half centuries later, in the 1860s, the Müller-Blech family customized their craft to create mouth blown, hand painted Christmas ornaments.

Today, their ornaments come from Inge Glas, the 14th generation of the Müller-Blech family now in Neustadt by Coburg, and from Hausdörfer Glas Manufaktur, the 5th generation of the Hausdörfer family in Haselbach, the small village "over the mountain" from Lauscha.

According to an old German tradition, the tree of a newlywed couple should include these 12 ornaments to insure blessings and happiness for their life together.

The meaning of each mouth blown and hand painted ornament is detailed on the decorative heirloom quality wooden gift box -making these make a wonderful gift for a newlywed couple or as a wedding shower present.Each Bridal Collection includes ...

A Pine Cone for motherhood and fruitfulness
An Angel for God's guidance in the home
A Santa for unselfishness and goodwill
A House for shelter and protection
A Flower Basket for good wishes
A Rose for beauty and affection
A Fruit Basket for generosity
A Rabbit for hope and faith
A Bird for happiness and joy
A Fish for Christ's blessing
A Heart for true love
A Teapot for hospitality

A heart and fruit basket

A bird and a pine cone

Angel and Rose

Santa and Flower Basket

A teapot and house

A fish and rabbit

The Complete Miniature Set

"The Christmas Haus" has a website (here) you can visit too.

Have fun checking out all of their goodies.

Gee, it's been awhile since we visited maybe I should suggest a trip to Gettysburg to my Hubby....oh, and of course we just have to stop at "The Christmas Haus"!

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