Monday, March 11, 2013

My Bunnies

I love bunnies! 

 I'm hosting BUNCO next week so I have been busy cleaning and de-cluttering our kitchen and family room.  This is the first BUNCO I've hosted without Merry Maids cleaning for me.  

I have put away the Valentine's decorations and put out Easter decorations.  Since Easter is this month  I decided not to decorate for St. Patrick's this year. 

 I think we all are longing for Spring to arrive.  I know I am tired of all the drab browns.

I bought these cute mugs and stuffed chick and bunny at our grocery store.  

I made the EASTER and SPRING banners. 

Yesterday I went to Michaels and picked up my party plates and napkins for Bunco in pretty spring colors. 

 And while there I found this adorable white fur bunny that reminds me of the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.  It may just become my center piece.  

And yesterday I washed all my teacups and polished the teacup shelves.  I noticed our fairly new dishwasher had a china setting and a top shelf setting so I put most of the teacups and saucers in there... carefully placing them so they didn't touch at all.  That saved me time with just a few smaller ones to hand wash.  Today I have the oven set to self clean. OMG I love self cleaning ovens.  

Last night I watched The Bachelor finale.  I think Sean was one of the nicest bachelors ever!  Catherine and Sean make a beautiful couple and I hope their love will last.  They announced their wedding will be televised.  

 My crocheting has been put on hold while I'm preparing for Bunco.

  I miss it. 


I'm stuck on this round...errrr.  My stitch count is probably incorrect in the previous round or something.   

 Think SPRING!

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Anne said...

Lovely easter decorations Sandy. I have bought some hanging bunnies to hang on twigs as part of my easter celebrations.